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Hello . Today We Are Back With New Fileice Trick , As We All Know Completing Fileice Surveys Are Very Difficult To Complete So Thats Why We Are Sharing New Fileice Trick ... This Trick Is Based On Usa Ip :) .. We Have Founded This Trick After A Long Time And This Trick Is Working Well....

Instructions - [ Before Completing Survey Always Clear Cookies & CaChe ]

1- First Open Fileice Survey Link Using Usa Ip
Note - Always Use Different - Different Usa Ip Addresses For Completing The Survey

2- Now Select This Offer " Want a new iPad this holiday? Participation required. Or Which beverage do you prefer this holiday? Details apply. Or Which do you prefer, pepsi or coke? Or Want a $250 Gas Gift Card? Participation required. "

3- Now Click On " No Thanks , Continue " [ You Will Find It At Top Of The Page ]

4- Now They Will Ask You Some Questions , Simply Answer Them

5- After Asking Questions They Will Ask Your Email , Just Put Your Email & Click On Continue
Note - You Can Also Put Fake Email

. 6- Now They Will Ask Your Name , Address , DB , Zip , Etc Just Answer Them And Click On Continue
Note - You Can Put Fake Name , Address And Mobile No, Date Of Birth

7- After Putting AnsWers Just Click On Continue

8- Now Just Wait For Some Time , Your File Will Get Unlocked .

Guys Plz Note These Points:
- Use Us Ip Adderss
- Always Different - Different Usa Ip Address [ It Means You Have To Use UsA Ip But With Different Locations ]
- Clear Cookies And Cahe Before Completing Survey
- Use CCleaner Also
- If You Will Follow My Instructions And Points You Will Get 100% Success

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